Living with pain, especially when it is daily, can often be debilitating. At the very least, having pain drains your energy and interferes with your active lifestyle. Some people find relief through medications, appointments with medical specialists, and devices, which often promise to provide relief from the pain. Other people, however, prefer more natural protocols to deal with pain, especially those who are fully aware of the dangers and side effects of the long-term use of pharmaceutical pain relievers. 

Many patients seeking a natural treatment for pain relief turn to chiropractic practice. Not only can our chiropractic care provide relief from pain, but it can address the underlying issue—the root cause of your pain. Once we address the root cause, the body’s natural healing mechanisms can take over and work to heal the issue causing the pain. In this way, we work to ensure that your pain is resolved and doesn’t return. One of the most common conditions where the root cause needs to be addressed is degenerative disc disease.

What is degenerative disc disease?

Degenerative disc disease is a condition which results from the normal, age-related wear and tear of the intervertebral discs in the spine. These discs provide a cushion between the spinal bones (vertebrae). The intervertebral discs are soft and spongy, and function as shock absorbers, allowing the spine to move freely and have a full range of motion. Unfortunately, as we age, these discs begin to deteriorate and lose their ability to cushion and absorb impact.  When this occurs in the lower back and the neck, the degenerative condition can lead to ever-increasing discomfort for those who suffer with it.  

A majority of people over the age of 50 will show some signs of disc degeneration. And although this particular condition is quite common, it is also a challenging condition to treat. Pain medications, steroid injections, and surgery are often recommended treatment options.  However, we offer help for people who are seeking treatment methods which are less invasive and drug-free. Our chiropractic care might be just what you need to eliminate pain, increase movement, and feel better.

Chiropractic manipulation for degenerative disc disease

Chiropractic spinal manipulation, also known as spinal adjustment, can help numerous conditions which may impact the spine, including degenerative disc disease. We use gentle, targeted manipulation of the affected spinal vertebrae, intending to alleviate pressure on the compressed and irritated nerves and tissues in the area. This can help to reduce pain, inflammation, and muscle tension, and improve range of motion. 

If you suffer from degenerative disc disease or another chronic spinal condition, you are probably are all too familiar with chronic neck or back pain. The toll this condition takes can not only contribute to your discomfort, but it can affect your overall health as well, including your ability to get quality sleep and manage stress. 

You don’t have to live with pain when natural pain relief and healing are readily available. Our chiropractic doctors have the education and experience to treat degenerative disc disease and other painful or chronic spinal conditions. Don’t wait until your condition worsens, and the pain becomes unbearable. 



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