The Killer Known As White-Sugar- What Sugar Does To Our Body

The Killer Known As White-Sugar- What Sugar Does To Our Body
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Sugar is food that is absolutely unhealthy. This is, of course, referring to the refined, processed, white sugar. It can be found in cakes, sweets, artificial and carbonated drinks, refined and canned foods.

Sugar may otherwise encourage the feeling of fullness in human before eating nutritious ingredients from the food, which are necessary. But the “vitality” of the effects of sugar is only temporary, since it starts reaction of the pancreas, which in this situation starts to produce insulin that goes into the bloodstream to lower the blood sugar levels. In this case, given the fact that there is no action of fibers which can be found in plant foods, the effect of insulin is too fast and then comes a drop in the blood glucose, which is often accompanied by a feeling of weakness, hunger, fatigue and exhaustion. Overall, comes up the so-called yo-yo effect, that is a big jump and a big drop, which eventually causes consequences, including diabetes.

Sugar also causes irritability and aggressiveness, especially for children and for adults, depression, confusion and a special exhaustion once the simulative effect of sugar is over. US researchers have conducted a number of tests as how the use of sugar weakens the ability of white blood cells to fight bacteria. This research has shown that the capacity of the white blood cells to destroy bacteria weakens as the use of sugar grows. This somewhat explains why diabetics are frequently getting foot infections and other types of infections.

Cancer cells are feeding with sugar. Increasing the intake of sugar for patients with cancer is like pouring gasoline into a smoldering fire.

There is a great difference between the natural sugar, which can be found in fruits and plants, and the refined sugar. To benefit from the refined sugar, the body has to borrow reserves of minerals from the body, which leads to thinning of the hair and a weakening of the bone structure. Sugar is “stealing” oxygen from the cells, is “stealing” chromium, zinc, calcium, vitamin B complex, C … from the body.  All this can lead to various health problems, not just diabetes. Sugar is associated with obesity, increased triglycerides, heart diseases and diseases of blood vessels, reduced resistance to diseases, and problems with digestion.

As for the brown sugar, he is only slightly less bad than the white one, because it is not fully refined, but he also should be avoided.

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