Tattooing – Yes Or No

Tattooing – Yes Or No
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To some tattoos are great decoration, to others are ugly. Experts have greater concerns when it comes to tattooing: there are indications that the colors used in this process are dangerous to health.

Would you let someone inject under your skin a few grams of car enamel? Or maybe smoke from combustion of crude oil or tar?

Probably not. But people that get tattoos are subjected to a very similar process.

From your skin it goes to the whole body.

The colors that are in the needle for tattooing are not at all made for that purpose, according to experts. The big companies are producing tons of different pigments, mainly for industrial consumption. Small businesses are purchasing such products and processing them into tattooing tools. Such substances are never tested for a hypodermic use.

According to the latest American studies, only two thirds of the color remains under the skin, and one third reaches the inside of the body. “It goes into the blood, the lymph nodes, and the organs – and somewhere it stops,” says Bojmler. “No one knows exactly where.”

A wide range of chemicals

Ingredients for the red, orange and yellow color are the so-called azo compounds. They often cause allergies. “There are those, such as pigment Red 22, that decompose when the tattoo is exposed to the sun “. The Compounds created in this process are toxic and carcinogenic.

The chemical components that are used for getting bright blue and green tones generally are containing copper and nickel, and nickel is often found in brown colors with iron oxides. This metal causes allergies for many people, and it has been banned for use in cosmetic products.

Black tattoos are created with the help of material called “carbon black”, which is essentially just industrial soot. The chemical industry produces it by burning of crude petroleum or similar materials such as tar and rubber.

Need more research

In many countries, the color for tattoos are not classified either to cosmetics, either to medicine – and exactly that is the problem. The medical as well as the cosmetic products must meet certain precondition to be able to enter the market, while for the tattoo colors are no such regulations.

The situation is complicated also by the fact that the color for tattooing and the risks associated with them have not been sufficiently studied on humans and experiments on animals are prohibited.

Therefore, no one can say with certainty whether tattoos are damaging health. Maybe they are causing cancer, and maybe not. So far we only know that there is no guarantee that they are not harmful.

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