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Laser Treatment
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Chloasma or “ melasma”, which is a popular skin situation of mature people( both of male and female), the brown or gray skin pigment development is its symptom to easily to see, focusing on face and skin areas that usually contact with the ray of sun. The melas in “melasma” originating from Hellas means black burnt. Although It can effect on both of sex and any race, female and people who have dark skin in the tropical weather and the equatorial country as Vietnam popularly suffer. Melasma often becomes darker in Summer when UV radiation is more and thicker.

One of the most common treatments for skin pigmentation like melasma is to protect the skin from UV rays. This means you have to apply sunscreen every day 20 minutes before leaving home and apply a new layer if you still working or participate in some sports activities every 2 to 3 hours. Dermatologists also recommend wearing a wide brimmed hat when in the sun. Sunscreen alone may not give you full protection you need. In some research, women are more likely to get skin pigmentation problems like melasa than men.

Melasma treatment by laser:

Multimodal treatment of Melasma (Chloasma) or combination of multiple methods, involves the simultaneous application of multiple specialized skin therapies, which is suitable with treatment regimen being tailored to the patient’s melasma condition and reaction of skin to laser

Laser treatment has revolutionized the pigmentation treatment (freckles, freckles, …), but the effect of treatment is still controversial. Clinical studies for melasma laser treatment show that the results will take time because it does not directly damage the skin surface like other method but is based on the removal of melanin from the skin and regulates its production in the future. This means that the laser will break the bonds of the melanin and break them into pieces so that the body can easily eliminate. At the same time, the laser also inhibits the formation of melanin from the synthesis into melasma. Advanced lasers such as Nd: Yag, Q-switched Yag have low energy but enough to break the melanin without damaging the skin. Laser treatment in combination with microdermabrasion, chemical peel, etc. helps to make a safer and faster treatment regimen and better skin recovery.

Benefits of laser treatment at Paragon Laser Clinic:

Paragon Laser Center skin therapies are not used arbitrarily for all clients. It means that depending on the skin condition or skin pigment problems you are experiencing, doctors and specialists at Paragon will check and diagnose your skin with you. They will also discuss the expected result levels of each treatment solution. At last, our doctor will redesign your own treatment regimen. With this particular treatment regimen, you will save up your time, incurred costs and the treatment results will come faster by focusing on exactly what you care about.