Salt is mineral or better said chemical compound and a product that we always have in our kitchen.

Mostly we use it for seasoning our food or keeping our pathways clear of ice in the winter. We can say that salt has various uses, and one of that is that it keeps us hydrated and alive!

However, it salt has numerous uses, besides keeping us ice free and nicely hydrated.

Read this article and find out why salt is perfect for many little household problems that are often a hassle.

In the video below, you can see 7 salt hacks that anyone can easily perform in any home or apartment.

You will see how to use salt in order to clean, remove stickiness, cleaning greasy pans and sponges, and even unclogging the bathtub. I cannot wait to give some of these awesome salt hacks a try.

There are tricks for which you will need few more ingredients except salt, but probably you already have it in your home.