Chlorophyll – Drink With A Molecular Structure That Is Almost Identical To The Hemoglobin In Our Blood

Chlorophyll – Drink With A Molecular Structure That Is Almost Identical To The Hemoglobin In Our Blood
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Leafy vegetables contain chlorophyll, the substance that gives the plants their green pigment. The molecular structure of chlorophyll is almost identical to the hemoglobin in our blood. Although the center of the atom of hemoglobin is iron, the center of the atom of chlorophyll is magnesium.

This allows a similar composition of chlorophyll that actually helps in rebuilding and replenishing of our blood cells and delivery of the much-needed oxygen to our tissues. It also pulls toxic heavy metals out of our body and has anti-cancer properties, protects against cancer-causing substances such as cooked meat toxins and air pollution. Proponents claim that chlorophyll consumed diluted with water, can improve the transfer of oxygen in the body, and as a result, gives you more energy, and improves the general health condition. Starting the day with our daily Greens will help you feel energized and you can be sure that you have gotten a big boost for alkalizing minerals, enzymes and oxygen. A great way to get the maximum nutritional benefit from green leaves is to use them in smoothies. The expert for health James Digan, among whose clients are many celebrities, is confident in the benefits of chlorophyll: “We are using chlorophyll drops in water in order to keep the people alkaline. A diet rich in junk food disturbs the pH balance in the body, making it more acidic, which can lead to insomnia and weight gain. The alkaline things are very important for the establishment of a new balance. We have also found out that reducing of the acidity is also reducing the inflammation and makes us feel healthier and more energetic. “Chlorophyll can be found in abundantly in the green, leafy vegetables, so certainly such foods needs to be included in our diet as much as possible, or we can drink a few drops of chlorophyll – one spoon the most – in a glass of water twice a day at regular intervals.

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