Blood Type Reveals Your Character And Which Tea Is Most Convenient For You

Blood Type Reveals Your Character And Which Tea Is Most Convenient For You
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Tea is considered to be the healthiest drink in the world, and the habit of drinking tea dates back to ancient times. But, each plant has a different effect on our body, so it is good to choose the right one that suits your body and its needs. The Japanese in the 1930s began to elaborate a theory about the connection between the blood types and personalities, and one of the first was the scientist Furukawa Takeji. In Japan, almost everyone knows their blood type, and some companies go so far as distributing workers on positions that are match for their blood type. In theory, in the connection between blood and personality, Rh factor plays no role.

Here the list of teas selected by blood type.

Blood type A     

These are emotional and analytical individuals which are strongly reacting to stress. Coffee will not harm their health, but there are herbal replacements which can be much more suitable for their body. Persons with blood type A should drink: green tea, jasmine tea, a combination of green and jasmine tea, marigold tea, thyme tea.

Blood type B

Persons with this blood type usually have slower metabolism and are prone to weight gain, insomnia and chronic fatigue. They have a strong digestive system, which tea can help further. Persons with blood type B should drink: Rooibos tea or red tea, green tea (young), lemon balm tea, sage tea, elderberry tea.

Blood type AB

Persons with this blood type are very intuitive and are handling stress extremely well. But their weak spot is their libido. Members of this blood type should avoid coffee and replace it with tea. Persons with blood type AB should drink: mint tea, green tea, a mixture of mint and green tea, yellow tea, peony tea, cranberry tea.

Blood type 0

Persons with this blood type should avoid milk and gluten. Although they are highly resistant to stress, their ailment are gastric distress due to the increased gastric acid. Coffee is not pleasant either for this blood type. Persons with blood type 0 should drink: ginger tea, ginseng tea, Mate tea, Sencha green tea.

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