An instructive Story – A Girl, A Man And The Cookies

An instructive Story – A Girl, A Man And The Cookies
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The girl was waiting for a plane in the waiting room of a big airport. As she needed to wait for a long time, she decided to buy a book so the time passes much faster. She bought a book and a packet of cookies. She sat down in the VIP waiting room so that no one would disturb her.

Beside her there was a chair with cookies and on the other side a gentleman who was reading a newspaper. When she took the first cookie, the gentleman took one too. She was shocked, but she didn’t say anything and she continued to read the book.

She thought to herself, Oh look at that if I only had just a little more courage I would hit him. Every time she took a cookie, the man next to her regardless anything, took one too. They continued so until it was only one left in the packet so the girl thought, I wonder what he will do now! The men took the last cookie and divide it into two! This is really too much, she reddened with anger, took her belongings, the book and the bag and walked toward the exit from the waiting room. After she felt a little better, when the anger has gone through, she seat in a place where there was no one so there won’t be any surprises again.

She closed the book and opened the bag to put it inside. At that moment he saw a packet of cookies still intact. Ashamed, only then she realized that the cookies, the same as here’s, were belonging to  the gentleman who was seating next to her, who without shock, nervousness or arrogance, has shared his last piece with her, totally opposite from her, who was mad and hurt.


How many times in our life we have, “ate someone else’s cookies,” but we were not aware of it, and we will never find out. Before you come to a preliminary conclusion, before you start to feel bad, look carefully at the details, because very often the situation is not what it looks like at first glance.

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