What Happens In Your Body When You Drink Soda?!

What Happens In Your Body When You Drink Soda?!
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How many times have you heard that soft drinks are not healthy and that for the sake of your health you must avoid them? But do you know why?

People who drink several liters daily of soft drinks could face serious problems with the muscles and even the heart, because of the reduced amount of potassium in the blood, according to scientists.

Scientists claim that chronic changes of the potassium in the blood caused by drinking cola and other carbonated drinks can lead to disturbances of the the heart beat.

Lack of the potassium causes weakening of muscles, cramps, nausea and tachycardia. The research includes interviewees who drank more than two liters of soft drinks daily.

Here is presented a detailed description of the processes occurring in the body when you drink soft drinks, explaining how the ingredients are affecting the individual functions of the body.

In the first 10 minutes

Ten tablespoons of sugar, as there are in one can of 0.33 is 100 percent more than the recommended daily amount. Instead of vomiting from too much sugar, which probably will happen if you eat 10 tablespoons of sugar, the phosphoric acid will allow you to keep the entered content in the system.

After 20 minutes             

The level of sugar in the blood rises, so your liver converts all sugars into fat. Bearing in mind that you have entered a huge amount of of sugar, the liver has too much work in those moments.

After 40 minutes

The body has already absorbed the caffeine. Pupils are expanding, blood pressure rises. The liver responds to this in a way that it sends even more sugar in the bloodstream.

After 45 minutes

The production of dopamine in the body is doubled, which stimulates the pleasure center in the brain. Heroin and a number of other drugs are functioning the same way.

After 60 minutes

Phosphoric acid binds the calcium, magnesium and zinc in the lower parts of the intestine. This causes disposal of the calcium from the body.

When the “fun” comes to the end, you feel a drop of the blood sugar, and as a result you may become irritable and aggressive.

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